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Welcome to . These are the personal pages of Dave Brankin, so I apologise in advance for the content!

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You can think of this site as a replacement for all those bits of paper and floppy disks that I used to accumulate down the back of the sofa. Amongst these not-so-august pages you'll find:

The only real common factor here is that this is all stuff I find useful to store in a central location yet I also want to be able to access from anywhere on the planet.

Before you you get too exited the personnel stuff (such as my full CV and some source-code) are properly password protected and the real private stuff isn't on-line at all. I also have off-site back-ups. I may be pro-Internet, but I ain't stupid (or at least, so the voices in my head tell me)

21st/22nd December 2003
Added 'humours' custom error pages (404, 500, 401, 403) because I could.
Added a password protected area to the website, because I could (hey, I see a pattern forming here...!)
Tried out Front Page 2003 by updating the Football Photos from the PWA match of 2001.
Updated my CV since it said I was still based in the UK
Updated sailing gallery
Added Serialization to Code Notes

13th / 14th September 2003 - Minor Updates
Back on-line following move to the States and a hard disk crash. Added code notes on COM Interop. Updated sailing gallery.

19th / 20th April 2003 - Minor Updates
Some reshuffling to get the site size down at bit. Added code notes on SQLDMO and reformatted many of the code notes to allow.

23rd October 2002 - Photo Gallery Update
Added a temporary "A Brief History of Dave" gallery while I sort out a couple of old albums. Surprise, surprise - it doesn't include any from the "Elvis double-cheese burger in Vegas" period (which is 1994 - Current in case you needed to ask!)

4th October 2002 - Web Update
Since the in-thing nowadays seems to put your photos online as well, I've added a Photos section.

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