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Your failure to successfully login in has not gone unnoticed by Flossy the Guard Sheep. She's looking up your IP address as we speak and, boy, does she looked miffed. If I were you I'd hang up now, burry your modem in the garden and take that trip to Europe you've always promised yourself.

[<whisper> Flossie, you don't think the second Uzi is a bit overkill do you? Yes, I know they got the password wrong three times in a row, but it might have been a lapse of memory... No! I can't think think of it of Darwinism in action!]

Hey, you still there? Flossie's out the door and I can see her following the telegraph poles down the street. I'd really think about that ocean trip again if I were you as she's taken both Uzis, the Colt 45 and the Winchester. You really do not want to be there when she remembers she hasn't got any opposable thumbs  Being nibbled to death by an angry sheep is just darn embarrassing.

If you think you received this error in error, you can try to reason with Flossie if you dare. I'd recommend doing so at a distance using the e-mail link to the right.



Thank you for your time. I know you don't have much left, 'cos I can see Flossie has got to the end of the road and is hailing a taxi...

Dave Brankin
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