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Many people still believe it is little men living in the Internet that carry messages to and from one computer and another. The more educated amongst us know that that this is simply not the case and correctly diagnose it as a belief held only by the technological illiterate Luddites that unfortunately seem to make up the majority of our society today.

Electric Sheep (Actual Size) Knowledgeable people release that these little men would want wages, health care and time off whereas all electronic sheep require is some digitized grass and the occasional android to dream of them.. As such, modern web-sites such as and depend entirely on little electronic sheep to scurry up and down the telephone lines to bring you the documents you require.

I've had a word with the sheep who took your order, and Flossie (the sheep in question) is sorry, but she's looked high and low for the item you requested and simply can't find it anywhere. She thinks she might have left it in her other fleece when we moved web-sites, but she can't be sure. She humbles asks you to check your typing or the address from which you came for errors, and if you still think it's her fault, use the link on the right to drop her a line so we can fix it.



Thank you for your time.

Dave Brankin
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