Forget the long winded debates on the relative economic and moral aspects of differing political ideologies - all you need to know can be expressed in terms of sheep ownership...

Sheep_Politics_Socialism.gif (1649 bytes)Socialism If your neighbour has no sheep, give them one of yours
Sheep_Politics_Communist2.gif (1947 bytes)Communism Your sheep are placed in a field with everybody else's sheep. Chicken farmers are brought in to manage the sheep under an exciting 5 year plan.
Sheep_Politics_Maoism.gif (2050 bytes)Mao-ism As per communism, except all the chicken farmers were killed in the cultural revolution.
Sheep_Politics_Nazi.gif (1764 bytes)Fascism The sheep are yours, until the government decide what they want to do with them.
Sheep_Politics_Capitalist.gif (1868 bytes)Capitalism Start a health scare on beef, kill the sheep, form a company to rival to McDonalds
Sheep_Politics_Anarchism.gif (1966 bytes)Anarchism Steal your neighbour's sheep to increase your own flock
Sheep_Politics_Conservatism.gif (1719 bytes)Conservatism Put your sheep up for election
Liberalism Release the sheep. Place them on the electoral roll.
ILuvEwe.gif (1586 bytes)Libertarianism You can do what you like to your sheep, provided it does not endanger anybody else's life or property.
Sheep_Politics_Kennyism.gif (1299 bytes)Kennyism Mhhh! Mmmmmhmhm mmhmhhhmhm hmhhmhmh!
Sheep_Politics_KilledKennyism.gif (1832 bytes)Kyleism Oh my God! They killed Kennyism!
Carmonism Your sheep's a gay homosexual
Sheep_Politics_Militarism.gif (1275 bytes)Militarism Shoot anybody who looks interested in your sheep
Theocracy The wolves have discovered religion.
Sheep_Politics_Hippyism.gif (1653 bytes)Hippyism Join the sheep. Eat the grass. Contemplate God.
Sheep_Politics_Feudalism2.gif (1937 bytes)Feudalism Control as many sheep as you can. Bow and scrape to those who own more sheep than you.
Sheep_Politics_Dictatorship.gif (1311 bytes)Dictatorship Your sheep disappear during the night. You disappear two days later after asking where the local police got it's lamb chops at the Dictator's birthday party.
Sheep_Politics_Totalitarianism.gif (1925 bytes)Totalitarianism The government takes you sheep and denies that they ever existed. Wool and lamb chops are banned.
Sheep_Politics_Catholism.gif (1878 bytes)Catholism Your guilty. The sheep are guilty. Everybody is guilty.
Sheep_Politics_Isolationism.gif (1189 bytes)Isolationism Your sheep are all you need...!
Sheep_Politics_Democracy.gif (1290 bytes)Democracy You have two sheep. Your neighbours vote on what to do with them.
Sheep_British.gif (1861 bytes)British Democracy Same as democracy except when the public has forgotten about the sheep the government feeds them to the cows.
Sheep_Politics_Democracy.gif (1290 bytes)Pure Democracy You have two sheep. They out vote you two to one and ban all wool and meat products.
Sheep_Politics_USA.gif (1771 bytes)American Democracy Same as pure democracy, except the sheep can't be bothered to vote an have to be referred to as "hirsutically-challenged" rather than fleeced.