Sheep_Smart.gif (1850 bytes)10 Reasons why Sheep are smarter than HumansHuman_Dumb.gif (1442 bytes)

  1. You don't see sheep driving Volvos.
  2. Sheep can ingest grass without being prosecuted.
  3. With four legs you can consume much more alcohol without falling over. Plus, since your not driving the Volvo you can have as much as you like!
  4. There are more sheep in Australia than people.
  5. Despite Damon Hurst's efforts, there are more people in Formaldehyde than Sheep.
  6. When sheep get fleeced they are still kept warm. When you get fleeced your own your own.
  7. Sheep don't try to reproduce with humans.
  8. Sheep can look sheepish without being laughed at.
  9. Sheep can reproduce sheep with resorting to cloning.
  10. Sheep could come up with 10 reasons.