A Brief History of Dave

(aka Narcissi Central!)

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The Infant School Years

First Day of School / Call Me Damien
Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.
(And apparently the eye / hair colour change that follows is normal!)


You know how your parents always bring out your baby pictures to embarrasses you?
Well, in the next two photos, I get my revenge!


The Primary School Years

Frankenstein's Monster
Remember those nasty storm drains that were still around in the 70's?
You know, the ones with gaps big enough to wedge a bicycle wheel into? I do!
I've edited my eyes on this picture as they originally looked like this:
The colour of my dad's vest is original however. Just be glad that no
evidence of the orange ICI socks still exist - I know I am!

The Secondary School Years

The Nerd
Some say the signs that I would end up working for
for Microsoft were apparent early on!


The University Years...

Dave B, Football God & Indoor Football Specialist
In my defence, (a) I never thought baseball caps on backwards were cool - it's just a bit
tricky to head a ball with it the right way around and (b) it is a well known fact
that under-arm deodorant was not invented until 1994.