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Unknown, found on internet. Anyone know the author?


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Dangerous Dave, MCT(VFP), BSc., SDE*


Dangerous Dave, MCT(VFP), BSc., SDE*

* MCT(VFP) = Microsoft Certified Trainer (Visual FoxPro) / BSc.=Bronze Swimming Certificate / SDE = Sheep Demolition Expert

Last checked 22/04/1999.

Site (Click to visit) Description Flossy Favorite?

Black Sheep Productions

Sheep vs. Gravity screen-saver. Flossie says "What a way to go".
Sheep History
History of domesticated sheep and backgrounds on various breeds  
Robot Sheep Shearers

Well worth a visit and quite details. Read about the actual use of robotic sheep shearers Don't go straight to the tour. Waiting for the graphic on the initial page to finish loading - its unique!

Sheep! Magazine

Serious journal. Subscriptions et al.  
Sheepskin Products (Broken)
Baaaah! So that's what happened to auntie Mildred! Don't go here!